Learn tools and advice on how to best deal with parenting issues that come up after divorcing or separating from a covert narcissist.

This is not a normal “Co-Parenting” situation. The rules are different. The advice is different.

There really is no way to have a healthy co-parenting situation when your ex is using control and manipulation tactics that affect you and your children.

So, what do you do?

You can’t go no contact, because there are precious children involved. How do you tend to the hearts of your kids as well as your own?

This course will give you the information you are looking for.

You will receive 7 videos and 1 worksheet. The videos total about 2 hours of incredibly helpful information.

There is no expiration date, so you can watch the videos as many times as you’d like.

Topics that are discussed:

  1. Is it possible to co-parent with a covert narcissist ex?

  2. What “co-parenting” looks like when your ex is a covert narcissist.

  3. What to do when your ex is a “Disneyland” mom or dad.

  4. How to handle things when your kids come back to your home after spending time with the CN.

  5. How to handle when the relationship with your kids is being affected by the manipulation of the CN parent. Parental Alienation is discussed, when the CN parent tries to turn your kids against you.

  6. How to handle explaining why “Daddy doesn’t come to your games” to your broken-hearted son or daughter. And other scenarios like this.

  7. Do courts care that your ex is a narcissist?

  8. Myths about divorce and parenting. How the rules are different with this type of situation.

  9. How to navigate this incredibly difficult and painful experience.

  10. The greatest gift you can give your children.

  11. Should you ever talk negatively about the CN parent? How much should you explain? When to keep quiet and when to speak.

  12. How to handle the barrage of emotionally abusive text messages and emails for the CN.

  13. Do you ever wonder if your kid is a narcissist? What to do in that situation.

  14. Setting Boundaries.

  15. The Grey Rock Technique.

  16. Creating Your Own Parenting Plan.

  17. The Environment in Your Home.

  18. How to Deal with Communication with your Ex.

  19. Unconscious messages your children are receiving.

  20. The powerful belief we as parents need to let go of.


“I have read tons about domestic abuse, controlling partners and done a few courses over the last 6 of years, all of which I have learnt a great deal from, but this is the course that has helped me answer questions which all the other ones have barely touched on; that is how to heal and help my kids especially when I share care with my controlling ex.

The court system here in the UK, has a tendency towards 50/50 care and recommends co-parenting and communicating with your ex, but this has just brought me and the children into more and more conflict as it is impossible to work with someone who will not discuss anything and twists everything into my fault.

Debbie's style and content is so welcome and so genuinely caring and practical without making me feel overwhelmed and that I have to climb Everest every day to keep up.

She recognises that you may well have been told continuously that you are a rubbish parent but gently points out that if you were, you would not be interested in doing this course. She also answers many of the questions I have had for years such as why co-parenting is impossible, and recognises that abuse continues long after the divorce papers have been signed, and if not with me but using my children in a continual conflict.

Debbie also tackles how to deal with those difficult questions from the children when you don’t want to slag off the ex but at the same you want to help protect them from being used by the other parent

And she emphasises how important it is to work out what you want for me and my children's life with you and how you want your home to feel and encourages you to go for it, no matter what the ex tries to undermine it.

I am so grateful to Debbie for this course, It has helped me focus on our time together, disengage from the ex (which is about protecting me and the children not about being unreasonable and unhelpful) and it has gone a long way to restore my battered self confidence as a parent and as a human being. It has been in short bite sized chunks which are just about the right length and depth to reflect on and take on board. I am sure I will continue to refer to this course again and again. I cannot recommend it enough.”


$45.00 USD


This is a 6-week Self-Guided Healing and Clarity after Narcissistic Abuse On-Line Course

This course is for you if:

1.You are either in or coming out of a relationship with a covert narcissist. You are confused and want to find out what the truth is about this person.

2. Your self-esteem is low. You are realizing that you have been devalued and demeaned by someone you thought loves you, and you want to know the truth about yourself. You need to be reminded of your value and see yourself clearly.

3. You want to heal from this crazy-making relationship and be free of the fear and anxiety you feel.

4. You want to experience more self-love, more peace in your life and are ready to learn how to do that.

5.  You feel fearful about building a life on your own and would like guidance.

6.  You’re not sure what lights you up anymore. You feel like you have lost yourself.

When you are coming out of a relationship with a narcissist you are left depleted and utterly confused. Your self-esteem and self-image is at an all time low, and you may feel like you don’t even know who you are anymore.

You might be starting over, and that is causing you to feel fear and anxiety. You’re not sure if you will be okay on your own, or as a single parent.

You might feel lost, depleted, and depressed.

If any of these things are true of you, this course will be of great help to you.

When you purchase the course, you will receive 7 instructional videos along with 6 pdf worksheets with exercises to do each week that will help you get answers and develop habits that will literally change your life.

The first two lessons/exercises will help you get clear on the truth of who you are and the truth about the narcissist in your life. You are told so many lies about yourself when you are with a narcissist that it is hard to see the truth. And if they are covert, they appear to be such “nice, normal” people, which makes things even more confusing. It is difficult to see the truth about them. These first two lessons will help reveal the truth.

Lessons/Exercises three, four, and five will focus on rebuilding the relationship you have with yourself and learning to trust yourself again. It is crucial to develop a new relationship with yourself as part of your healing process. Once you experience love, real love from yourself, you will be able to recognize the false version from toxic energy vampires. You will also experience more peace and calm inside yourself.

The final lesson/exercise will help you build your new life. You now have a blank canvas. I know you might be incredibly fearful about this new life, but the truth is you have let go of a really toxic person in your life, and that takes courage and strength. Those qualities you clearly have will carry you into this next chapter of your life.

The more you heal and strengthen yourself with the exercises you will learn in this course, the more you will find yourself creating a wonderful life you would have never imagined possible.

You were made for joy, for love, for peace. This course will help you get there.

Enjoy the course! You are worth the investment.

$45.00 USD


Are you thinking about starting your own support group but have no idea how?

Or maybe you have some idea, but would like more helpful advice before you begin?

I often get messages from people who can’t find a support group in their area, and have decided to start their own and are looking for information as to how to do that.

So here it is! A 23-minute mp3 chocked full of advice on how to do this!

In the recording I cover things like:

  1. How to get the word out, advertise, let people know about your support group.

  2. How to begin the meetings.

  3. Ideas for content, what to talk about in the meetings.

  4. How to deal with issues that may come up.

  5. Healing exercises you can do during the meetings.

  6. Should you charge for the group?

This will be of great help to you, giving you information and tools to start your own amazing group!

And by the way, I LOVE that you are doing this! These support groups are SO needed.

$15.00 USD