This is a 6-week Self-Guided Healing and Clarity after Narcissistic Abuse On-Line Course

This course is for you if:

1.     You are either in or coming out of a relationship with a covert narcissist. You are confused and want to find out what the truth is about this person.

2.     Your self-esteem is low. You are realizing that you have been devalued and demeaned by someone you thought loves you, and you want to know the truth about yourself. You need to be reminded of your value and see yourself clearly.

3.     You want to heal from this crazy-making relationship and be free of the fear and anxiety you feel.

4.     You want to experience more self-love, more peace in your life and are ready to learn how to do that.

5.     You feel fearful about building a life on your own and would like guidance.

6.     You’re not sure what lights you up anymore. You feel like you have lost yourself.

When you are coming out of a relationship with a narcissist you are left depleted and utterly confused. Your self-esteem and self-image is at an all time low, and you may feel like you don’t even know who you are anymore.

You might be starting over, and that is causing you to feel fear and anxiety. You’re not sure if you will be okay on your own, or as a single parent.

You might feel lost, depleted, and depressed.

If any of these things are true of you, this course will be of great help to you.

When you purchase the course, you will receive 7 instructional videos along with 6 pdf worksheets with exercises to do each week that will help you get answers and develop habits that will literally change your life.

The first two lessons/exercises will help you get clear on the truth of who you are and the truth about the narcissist in your life. You are told so many lies about yourself when you are with a narcissist that it is hard to see the truth. And if they are covert, they appear to be such “nice, normal” people, which makes things even more confusing. It is difficult to see the truth about them. These first two lessons will help reveal the truth.

Lessons/Exercises three, four, and five will focus on rebuilding the relationship you have with yourself and learning to trust yourself again. It is crucial to develop a new relationship with yourself as part of your healing process. Once you experience love, real love from yourself, you will be able to recognize the false version from toxic energy vampires. You will also experience more peace and calm inside yourself.

The final lesson/exercise will help you build your new life. You now have a blank canvas. I know you might be incredibly fearful about this new life, but the truth is you have let go of a really toxic person in your life, and that takes courage and strength. Those qualities you clearly have will carry you into this next chapter of your life.

The more you heal and strengthen yourself with the exercises you will learn in this course, the more you will find yourself creating a wonderful life you would have never imagined possible.

You were made for joy, for love, for peace. This course will help you get there.

Enjoy the course! You are worth the investment.

Special introductory offer: $54