Here are some kind words from precious people I’ve had the great honor of coaching:

Being coached by Debbie Mirza was an absolute pleasure. I had really been going through it when I found out about Debbie’s book and coaching services. Coming out of an 8-year relationship with a covert Narcissist, I thought I was going crazy. I just could not believe how close the things she had said in her book and during our coaching session was to what I had been going though in my relationship. It was almost as if she had been a fly on the wall all throughout the time I was with my ex, giving word-for-word examples and statements that were spoken to me during the relationship. To me Debbie displayed exceptional understanding of the topic. A topic which is so greatly needed today. There are 2 extremes here, one in that the number of people going through this is exceptionally high, and two that the amount of information and coaches who know about this are really low. At no point during the coaching session did I feel that Debbie was doing this for financial gain, as some coaches might portray, especially if they do not have a firm grasp of the topic at hand. First, it is so hard to describe and put into words just how valuable and validating the book was. Second, the coaching provided really gave a lot clarity to the situation I had been going through. If not for these 2 resources I would not be able to see myself being where I am in my current stage of healing today. I am doing great now, and Debbie was a big part of that.
— Jules
Debbie is such a bright light for victims discovering they’re in an abusive relationship. After reading Debbie’s book, I scheduled a few coaching calls with her that brought so much clarity and have been an anchor and reference point to me in the months since. She is well-versed in covert narcissism and gave me more insight in one session than years of therapy. As I explained a situation with my husband in which I was being blamed and feeling guilty and my belief that if I could just do more, I could fix the situation (classic narcissist behavior!), she helped me see it for what it was: blame shifting and a tactic by him to create chaos. She then gave me such strong encouragement that I was brought to tears of relief, knowing that the strength I needed I already possessed. I am grateful for Debbie for being a beacon of light guiding victims out of the darkness.
— Cathy
Early on in my high conflict divorce from a covert, overt, passive aggressive narcissist with sociopathic tendencies (whew!), a friend recommended Debbie’s book. It honestly changed my life...I slurped up the audiobook like a slurpee and immediately felt inspired and empowered. Something I had not felt in so long! I knew I needed more and went to her website and signed up for her coaching...another blessing! Debbie helped me navigate the most traumatic time of my life, where many just do not understand, to no fault of their own. Debbie is genuine and cared about me and my healing, growth, and recovery. I felt Debbie was authentically invested in me and my progress. She has given me the confidence to trust myself and the tools to recognize these toxic behaviors, signs and characteristics. I would encourage and recommend Debbie for guidance, help and encouragement. She is a true treasure and she has blessed my life immensely.
— Hope Overdahl
Debbie has a way of weeding through confusing thoughts and feelings and getting to the heart of what is really going on. She has helped me get “unstuck” in some areas of my life with which I had struggled for years. I am amazed at the difference even one session with her made in the way I am living life now. She listens with such compassion; and the tools she uses, combined with her incredible intuition, have been truly life-changing for me. When I talk with Debbie, I feel as if my true self has been invited out to be heard.”
— Liz
Debbie’s gentle voice and tremendous compassion comforted me when I was struggling and feeling overwhelmed. With kind questions and loving support, she helped me discover the simplicity of reconnecting with my body to lead me to my best life. I felt immediate relief that’s grown over recent months into lasting change. And when I feel myself turning toward old habits that lead to stress, I remember that I have other options and better choices that will result in more peace and surprisingly, more productivity as well.”
— Carla
Debbie has this unique ability to look you right in the eye and probe you, ever so gently, to focus on what is holding you back on so many levels. She is nonthreatening, yet has the ability to make you really face your uncertainties, insecurities — whatever it is holding you back from being the authentic self you want to be or whatever is blocking you — and then guiding you towards your own resolutions, not just telling you what you might want to hear. She helps you find the solution that works only for you; she is very perceptive with others and picks up on individual energies very quickly, to a degree that amazes me. She is always spot on. She is direct but compassionate and insightful in her spiritual guidance. In my session with her I felt my stress and reluctance melt away and was able to get to the root of what was holding me back. She truly has a gift.”
— Sasha
Being coached by Debbie is a wonderful experience. Her laser insight, gently delivered, combines with a warm and genuine caring that you feel immediately. She is welcoming, kind, intuitive and brings a curiosity that helps to quickly get to the issue at hand. I felt safe, guided and ready to move forward with her and look forward to working with her again! Thanks, Debbie, for bringing yourself so fully to our session.
— Christa