Here are some kind words from precious people I’ve had the great honor of coaching:

Being coached by Debbie is a wonderful experience. Her laser insight, gently delivered, combines with a warm and genuine caring that you feel immediately. She is welcoming, kind, intuitive and brings a curiosity that helps to quickly get to the issue at hand. I felt safe, guided and ready to move forward with her and look forward to working with her again! Thanks, Debbie, for bringing yourself so fully to our session.
— Christa
Debbie is a soulful, calm, accepting presence who really allows the heart of the matter to be brought forth in coaching. I think it is her own grounded-ness and authenticity that creates such a safe space for my own true self to show up with honest attention to what needs sorting. She’s really listening for what’s important and what is true for me and so beautifully reflects back to me my own wisdom, which has been quite a gift to me in our work together. I highly recommend her as a coach.
— Genevieve
Debbie has a way of weeding through confusing thoughts and feelings and getting to the heart of what is really going on. She has helped me get “unstuck” in some areas of my life with which I had struggled for years. I am amazed at the difference even one session with her made in the way I am living life now. She listens with such compassion; and the tools she uses, combined with her incredible intuition, have been truly life-changing for me. When I talk with Debbie, I feel as if my true self has been invited out to be heard.”
— Liz
Debbie’s gentle voice and tremendous compassion comforted me when I was struggling and feeling overwhelmed. With kind questions and loving support, she helped me discover the simplicity of reconnecting with my body to lead me to my best life. I felt immediate relief that’s grown over recent months into lasting change. And when I feel myself turning toward old habits that lead to stress, I remember that I have other options and better choices that will result in more peace and surprisingly, more productivity as well.”
— Carla
Debbie has this unique ability to look you right in the eye and probe you, ever so gently, to focus on what is holding you back on so many levels. She is nonthreatening, yet has the ability to make you really face your uncertainties, insecurities — whatever it is holding you back from being the authentic self you want to be or whatever is blocking you — and then guiding you towards your own resolutions, not just telling you what you might want to hear. She helps you find the solution that works only for you; she is very perceptive with others and picks up on individual energies very quickly, to a degree that amazes me. She is always spot on. She is direct but compassionate and insightful in her spiritual guidance. In my session with her I felt my stress and reluctance melt away and was able to get to the root of what was holding me back. She truly has a gift.”
— Sasha