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"This book is a beautiful gift -- the author's stories WILL change you from the inside out. When I began reading, I was so struck by the kindness and the love in the author's words, like she was in the room with me, talking to me with such love. You will, too. This book will give you guidance and permission to be more loving and compassionate with yourself - to honor your emotions and to trust yourself deeply. The Safest Place Possible is an important book for our times - a time when love, compassion and greater self-awareness will help us heal individually and collectively."

-Nona Jordan
"It's hard to express how moved I was by this book. I've read a lot of books on how to live a life of joy and peace, but this book surprised me. It is not a "how to be happy in 5 easy steps" manual. It is about how to come back to peace again and again in the middle of a REAL life. The author lets us into her own life in such a vulnerable way while filling each chapter with such depth. It truly felt like I was being given secret life lessons from a wise friend ahead of me in the journey."

""You must take care of your heart. " Having just finished reading "The Safest Place Possible" this sentence has highlighted what I believe to be so true. There is honesty and an openness that makes it such enjoyable reading. "if you do nothing else in your life, just by being here is enough" There is wisdom in these words . It is a book full of truth and inspiration. - a book well worth reading!"

"When searching for a way to access our souls, and reconnect with our hearts, it helps to have someone showing the path, like a guide explaining both the way and the process. Thanks to Debbie for her heartfelt sharing of her journey to connect with her heart. Truly a book that can be read in any order, as each chapter provides a theme, along with practical, simple exercises to find one's center - to discover that place which we can always access, when in need of a safe and trusted place to be accepted and loved."