Hi lovely! I’m Debbie.

Ever since I can remember I have been a deeply spiritual person and a seeker of truth and healing.

I have a big heart that feels deeply and loves with every fiber of my being.

I absolutely love listening to people, drawing them out and leading them to see their own beauty and worth. I also love witnessing healing taking place in others.

I believe I am here to help in some way and am always seeking how I can do that. Meditation, stillness, and nature have become some of my favorite ways to hear my inner voice and divine guidance.
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Writing has been one of those things for me too. I published my first book in 2017 and am working on my second. Reading messages people have sent me about how much my book is helping them fills me to no end. It feels amazing to use my own pain and lessons to help others.

Singing is also something that connects me with my soul. It feels incredibly healing and soothing and I am so looking forward to sharing my first album/cd with you this winter.

The path I’m on is evolving, and revealing itself to me as I go. I am a planner and a leaper and a listener. Also, a bit of a gypsy.

I currently live in Colorado and love walking the mountains around me, but I have been feeling the pull to move to an island recently, so am listening to where my soul is wanting to go.

I live with my two teenage kids who make me laugh more than anyone. Their ideas and thoughts fascinate me and I enjoy them tremendously.

I am an honest person who lives from my heart, healing past wounds and getting closer to being fully me.

Thank you for reading. I’d love to get to hear who you are as well. xoxo